Pablo Apezteguia

Pablo Apezteguia


Location: Brazil, Estado de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

Working Place: Freelancer

Skills: Assimilate Scracht, Davinci Resolve. Baselight, Storytelling, Photography,Editing

Experience: From 3 year to 7 years

Graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Artes (Buenos Aires, Argentina) with a degree in Audiovisual Arts. Passionate about films and music. At the service of storytelling,

Movies 4
TV Drama 3
Documentary 2
Other 2

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Ciencia para todos

Director: Gustavo Correia

Camera: Gustavo Correia

Production: Trupe Films, 2019

Hijos de Nadie: una película sobre Los Adolfos Rap!

Director: Lucky Sachetti, Damian Marsicano, Pablo Apezteguia

Camera: Lucky Sachetti

Production: Panza Films, 2019

Qual Vai Ser?

Director: NA

Camera: NA

Production: NA, 2019

El padre de mis hijos

Director: Martin Desalvo

Camera: Nicolás Trovato

Production: Domenica Films, 2018

En Paris

Director: Gabriel Litchmann

Camera: Carla Lucarella, Laura Guaragna, Julia Curi Antún

Production: Foundation Sagai, 2017

La Division

Director: Daniel Hendler

Camera: Gustavo Biazzi

Production: Cordon Films, 2017


Director: Juan Villegas

Camera: Santiago Melazzini

Production: Foundation Sagai, 2017


Director: Martin Desalvo

Camera: Carla Lucarella

Production: Fundacion Sagai, 2017

Zona Zombi

Director: Andrés P. Estrada

Camera: Agustín Barrutia

Production: Los Salvajes, 2016